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Sustainability at Milano Design week 2021.

As our planet becomes more endangered every day, the greatest minds of the world are designing and implementing new solutions for all our necessities.Our homes are changing and becoming more sustainable too, meaning that in the future they will have way less of a negative impact on the environment. In this respect, Milan’s Design Week

By Maria Giulia Amentano
September 29, 2021
3min Read

The curse of the 30th year

There seems, today, to be a curse on your 30th birthday. Companies are more reluctant to hire you, changing career is out of the questions, following your dreams becomes itself a dream. Once you get to 30 years of age, your life becomes, basically, fixed and unchangeable.

By Fabio Ferrara
April 14, 2021
6min Read
Culture Media

Not your Subservient Stereotype

Depending on which platform you access this article, you may have encountered some reposted graphics on how to address rising anti – Asian hate. While these posts are all well-meaning, the broader question we should all be asking ourselves is why are these attacks happening in the first place?

By Isha Induchudan
March 30, 2021
9min Read
Culture Media

The Sound of Freedom

How musicians have added their voices to the growing Black Lives Matter movement Right after the murder of George Floyd last spring, thousands of Americans started to protest against police brutality over black people. Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe” became the anthem of these protests, but the list of police brutality victims in the

By Giulia Di Biase
March 27, 2021
7min Read
Art Culture

Museums, People and Covid-19

Most of us have been fortunate enough to step foot inside a museum at least once in our lifetimes. Have you ever wondered why our schools and/or parents took us on museum visits? Want to find out why we should take ourselves on such visits as adults?

By Mia Szarzynska
March 2, 2021
4min Read