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As May arrives, like every year, so does Eurovision. The music contest, now on its 66th edition, will be held in Turin between the 10th and the 14th after last year’s edition in Rotterdam was won by the Italian act Måneskin. First aired on May 24th, 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest – originally The Eurovision

By Camilla Massaglia
May 9, 2022
10min Read

On Despair

 ‘No. I didn’t cry … I just kept thinking that when human beings get that way, they’re no good for anything.’ Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human pg. 176 Human suffering romanticised; a genre of drama which entertains the misery of the unfortunate, that of the tragedy. Consistent in the human condition is the notion of

By Jonathan McKenzie
May 4, 2022
7min Read
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Modern Feminism; A Question of Who?

In today’s society feminism is a phrase that is applied liberally without any deliberation. Many women feel detached from the phrase and some would admit their disillusionment with the movement. In this article, an extracted spoken dialogue between the writers is presented, where the exploration of the definition of feminism is undertaken. Through this, a

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Milan’s Music Scene 2022

WARNING: These events may be subject to cancellation/postponement, given the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, government regulations, and daily record-breaking cases. We all know the drill. However, we can still dream, right?  Today’s top global artists will be performing in 2022 in Milan’s biggest and most important venues as part of their upcoming tours. These are artists

By Eva Michael
February 27, 2022
3min Read
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Humanity’s Natural Religiousness

Humanity’s natural religiousness: a western approach Believing in anything, whether it be a god, a spirit, or a weekly horoscope, is sure to be alien to someone who does not share the same views. Dismissing another’s faith is easy, what is rare is to hold absolutely no personal opinion about spirituality and what lies beyond

By Aliki Vareltzidi
February 15, 2022
6min Read
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Welcoming the New Year Through the Lens of Traditions

The New Year has been celebrated around the world for at least 4 millennia but not at the same time or way for everyone. It is celebrated on the last day of the Gregorian calendar in only some cultures.  The earliest recorded festivities date back some 4000 years ago to ancient Babylon. The first new

By Sana Lotia
January 2, 2022
3min Read
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Drab Normality vs the Unknown

The Great (Un)Known Encounters with the Unknown are awfully unsettling and wonderfully exciting. The discomfort of not knowing serves as inspiration for curious minds ready to abandon the safety of ‘common knowledge’ and navigate uncharted territory in search of… Who knows? Peace of mind, gold, adrenaline, magic? Creativity is an essential fuel of the intellectual

By Stefanos S. Pappas
December 14, 2021
4min Read
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How does Squid-Game Succeed in Cross-Cultural Communication?

It’s hard to stay indifferent about Squid Game. After the twentieth time that I watched someone carve out a shape from a candy-like brittle piece on TikTok, I finally logged on Netflix and binge-watched the whole season. 456 players – gamblers, gangsters, people in debt, immigrants, terminally ill men – compete in a series of

By Yayun Lai
December 3, 2021
5min Read
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Time’s running out; Social media paralysis

Aimlessly scrolling through TikTok for 2 hours passes by without us even realizing. On the contrary, watching a 2-hour movie on a weeknight seems like such a huge commitment. We could have done so many other things in those 2 hours rather than sit down on our couch and watch it.  Why is that? It

By Eva Michael
November 19, 2021
4min Read
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In Defense of Political Correctness

graphic by @francifausti A MEDIA TRIAL Some of you may remember that a few months ago a popular Italian comedian, Michela Giraud, tweeted about Demi Lovato coming out as non-binary by saying: “She now wants to be referred to as ‘them’, like Wizard Otelma (a popular Italian television character)” – a quite unnecessary statement that,

By Anna Crepaldi
November 9, 2021
9min Read