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AR-based Instagram filters setting new beauty standards

Technologies are becoming an active part of our life, more than we can imagine. Late Millennials and Generation Z have always lived surrounded by technology, always at the center of continuous advancements. This process has gone further than we can actually objectively perceive and what was before considered as sophisticated software is now part of

By Francesco Lella
April 27, 2021
6min Read
Art Technology

Is Code Poetry?

The Extraordinary Union of A.I. and Arts  Is A.I. taking over artists’ jobs? The 21st century has hosted a lot of advancements in nearly every field one can imagine. Whether it be technology, arts, science, or other areas… However, one must admit that the one field that has become embedded in our lives more than

By Naz Akgun
April 23, 2021
7min Read
Art Technology

Fashion shows along uncharted path

The global pandemic has asked us to reinvent ourselves in many different ways during this year, and the fashion industry too was involved in this massive process of transformation. Not surprisingly, not all brands managed to transform their approach toward their values and the fashion shows, but it is definitely interesting to notice how some of them have responded actively to the new needs imposed by the society.
We can choose whether to appreciate or not those innovation, but surely, we cannot ignore how revolutionary these changes have been.

By Bianca Rondoni
April 20, 2021
5min Read
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Are you really depressed?

Our generation’s specialty is making social media platforms rabbit holes of social comparison. They’ve become platforms displaying what we can now consider the perfect forms of our time. But these perfect forms aren’t limited to the epitomes of lifestyles and accomplishments. The obstacle today concerns mental health, exacerbated by laziness and ignorance. It brings together

By Marco Brzozowski
April 9, 2021
6min Read

What is Phygital?

“Museums of the future” is a column that wants to bring together all those ideas, technologies, and strategies that may be necessary for the cultural field of the future to create the best physical and digital platforms able to attract, engage and inform the public about culture.

By Aline Albertelli
March 9, 2021
5min Read

Financial MarkeTWEETs and BOTS

Communication has changed. That has been said many times. Let’s think about financial markets, these models are founded on information, the faster they can get information the more efficient they could be. Prices and rates are constantly changing because of the flow of new information, which may influence future forecasts about businesses, investments, or countries. Throughout history, many great people, such as Presidents, or CEOs had influenced markets with their statements, reported through traditional media. As gatekeepers, the purpose of media is to drive information to enhance the comprehension of these declarations.

By Enrico Grassi
March 5, 2021
4min Read