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The MMC team collected the most interesting videos you might have recently missed out on or need to catch up with. From the most recent in-depth societal analyses to destroying the tropes of your favourite shows, we have it all.

The Monday Playlist is a weekly collection of the most interesting and important videos out there. Often in collaboration with student associations.

The Monday Playlist

Monday Playlist #10 – The hill we climb

We are living a difficult moment in history, characterised by economic uncertainty, social tensions, an ever-larger political division and an appalling climate crisis. Since past generations seem to have failed the tests of their time, our generation is now more-than-ever under scrutiny and expected to find new, better solutions to the challenges ahead of us.

By The MMC Team
April 26, 2021
3min Read
The Monday Playlist

The Monday Playlist #7 – on religion

The MMC team is glad to wish you a happy Easter break with a new video playlist on the theme of religion – whatever yours is, here you’ll find something for you to watch. From Buddhist lifestyle advice to Drake’s Bar Mitzvah, everything you might have missed out or need to catch up on!

By The MMC Team
April 5, 2021
2min Read