Mass Media & Culture is a student-run association located within Bocconi University. We offer a dedicated team of students providing columns, editorials, articles, graphics and other quality content. Content made to inform and inspire readers and viewers alike.

Launched in December 2020, members of MMC found that there was no association for students to delve and voice their opinions on topics such as Art, Media, and Culture and how they are interconnected to our way of life and society. And hence began the process of forming the MMC that we know of today

Join Us

MMC welcomes students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate academic program within Bocconi University. Those interested in joining will be offered great flexibility towards the type of content made and what department they are most interested in.

The association is divided by a functions, a member can do multiple things based on their interests and availability

  • Writers: Develop article ideas by participating in monthly pitch meetings
  • Event planners: organise either internal debates by creating prompts and coming up with themes or external events by inviting guest/lecturers/companies
  • Social media: coming up with content and strategy suitable for different platforms. Transform article content to make it suitable for social media
  • Content creators: create graphics and videos to be published

To continue with the application process check our join page for further details. For any questions contact us at [email protected] or any of our social media accounts.

Our Values


Our readers are at the forefront of our association. We value the trust readers have in MMC to cover and provide trustworthy stories. And we are tested everyday through writing and our publications.


MMC values itself as an independent workplace for students to voice their opinions, through reasoned writing. To promote discussion, and to give voice to those who do not. Our committment remains true.


MMC is a place and community created to question the society we live in and the faster digital way of life that we take for granted. It is fundamental for us to think, go and see beyond.