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Your Sexuality, Your Rules

Boys will be what they’re taught.

“The truth of it is, the shame was not mine, and for all victims in similar situations, it is not ours. The shame is reserved for every creep who has ever touched us inappropriately. The shame is on the abuser, not the victim, not the survivor.”Rose McGowan – Brave. According to the National sexual violence

By Bianca Rondoni
September 21, 2021
5min Read
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Are you really depressed?

Our generation’s specialty is making social media platforms rabbit holes of social comparison. They’ve become platforms displaying what we can now consider the perfect forms of our time. But these perfect forms aren’t limited to the epitomes of lifestyles and accomplishments. The obstacle today concerns mental health, exacerbated by laziness and ignorance. It brings together

By Marco Brzozowski
April 9, 2021
6min Read