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    by Anna Dalaidi How often do you pay attention to people’s eyes? Apart from cryptic rhetoric quotes, and fabled, belittling narratives: how much interest do you truly reserve to stares, quick glances and unspoken vocabulary? Paris, 1906.  A 22 years old Amedeo Modigliani lands in the French capital, eager to prove himself to established revolutionaries […]
  • the rise and fall of reading culture
    by Rithika Abraham For a lot of us, books were an integral part of our childhood. Reading for pleasure was so ingrained in our day to day life that we’d fight to spend our lunch breaks devouring the last 30 pages of some sappy romance novel with a gut-wrenching, terminal illness related ending. I still […]
  • Cait Corrain, racism and reviews: a look into the scandal
    by Maria Francesca Ficarra Last year, debut author Cait Corrain secured a two-book deal with the publishing house Del Rey Books, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House. The deal included film rights, and later, the writer obtained a partnership with the subscription box service Illumicrate for her novel A Crown of Starlight. This sci-fi/fantasy (SFF) […]
  • Bocconi: Is it really “knowledge that matters”?
    Coming to Bocconi as an international student who completed the International Baccalaureate, I had a set of expectations about what university would be like. I didn’t realise until later that these expectations were in fact not “universal”, but specific to the educational method I grew up with. Hence, here is my take on the differences […]
  • The new third space: how social media is replacing real life communication
    by Aini Yeskhozhina What is “the third space”?It’s the term first introduced by Ray Oldenburg in his book “The Great Good Place” in the late ’80s. The definition of the third place is a commonly occupied place, besides home (the first place) and work (the second place), that serves as a means of socializing and […]
  • Why poets cannot be lovers
    by Beatrice Braciamore To the artists, While I am aware that the title might be melodramatic, I hope after reading a few lines of this personal take on love and art it will cease to seem as tragic. With this article, I wish nothing more but to pose some questions about the role art holds in […]
    by Maria Francesca Ficarra Some specters wander around the publishing industry, hidden in the shadows. To us, they’re almost invisible, but we often read their works, and they represent one of the most efficient and profitable sectors of the book market: we are talking about ghostwriters. Who are those mysterious and controversial figures? A ghostwriter […]
  • Insatiable
    she spends most of her time in front of the mirror and behind the screen.the mirror shows her glimpses of old photos of her mother and eyes that have only yet caught a glimpse of the world.the screen shows her tiktok and botox and pounds lost and photoshopinstagram face and small waists.“why do i have […]
  • Music and Dance
    by Anna Dalaidi The 20th century society was complex and full of controversies: dynamic and stagnant, rebellious but still deeply obsolete, rampant while on the verge of collapsing. During the first decades of the 1900s, the so-called artistic avant-garde depicted the tense climate of uncertainty and unstoppable change by breaking the traditional rules of academicism, […]
  • Art and EMotions: Why does art make you feel?
    In fact, why do we know what Art is anyways? What is Art? What are feelings? A shitton of questions are present here, let’s slowly delve into them. Humans are notoriously different in our ability to perceive beauty, art, and symbolism. We are also unique in our capabilities to understand morality. No other animal can […]
  • On Adoration – November 2023
    “Only in adoration can profound and true acceptance develop. And it is precisely this personal act of encounter with the Lord that develops the social mission which is contained in the Eucharist and desires to break down barriers, not only the barriers between the Lord and us but also and above all those that separate […]
  • Artistic and cultural analysis of tarot cards
    From Playing Cards to Fortune Telling: The Evolution of Tarot  Tarot Cards and Their Origin The art of tarot reading and its interpretations are deeply ingrained in many European cultures, particularly in Italy. With the rise of concepts such as the “law of attraction” gaining media attention in the 20th century, tarot reading quickly gained […]
  • Updating a “pop bible”
    1989 (Taylor’s Version) is the latest re-recording that Taylor Swift has put out into the world as part of her quest to own all of the six albums she initially released under Big Machine Records. As the name states, the idea is that these new versions are her versions, not only in the sense that she owns them, but also […]
  • We live in the girl economy:
    “girl math” and why is it valid. “It’s basically free.” If you have been on the realms of TikTok, you have definitely heard this quite a lot. The phrase is a pillar behind ‘girl math’ – the concept of exploiting logical processes to minimize the mental costs of expensive purchases. While girls have been employing […]
  • I wish sundays didn’t exist
    Sometimes I feel like I mess up too often. Maybe in the moment I don’t want to realise it and push it to the back of my mind but whenever it comes up again it eats me up inside. I am normally a busy person, or I guess I try to keep myself that way […]
  • Politics of the net
    HOW DID TURKEY’S VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP BECOME A DOMESTIC DEBATE? After a soul-crushing election season for many, Turks are finally enjoying some sort of national unity. Rallying behind the women’s volleyball team, known as the “Sultans of the Net”, the country has recently focused on the team’s success and the ensuing backlash. “How can a glorious […]
  • A Woman’s Meal
    To get it out of the way, I need to mention the obvious disordered nature of the “meal” and how more often than not the videos serve as code for food hyper fixations. Not being a celebration of it but rather the opposite.   “What does it mean when we call women girls?” is an essay […]
  • On Endings – September 2023
    “All good things must come to an end” You know what they say, and guess what? We need things to end. Most of the time, we dread or avoid endings. They are sad, difficult, unwanted, and force us to face a changed reality. But I believe that we need endings, desperately. They provide us with […]
  • On Nostalgia – May 2023
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team This May we find ourselves longing, longing for something that has been, for something that may never be again. While this may feel very melancholic, there can be something very soothing in letting ourself go to nostalgia – a song, a smell, a picture […]
  • The Rise of Digital Art: The Link Between Digital Technology and Artistic Expression
    The digital age of art was initiated in the 60s, when artists slowly began to apply digital art techniques to television, computers, and other mediums. This had an enormous impact not only on painting but also on sculpture, music, movies, and video. Digital art started to be used for advertising websites, roadside billboards, and illustrations, […]
  • Snapshots of War: How Media Shapes Political Narratives 
    The past couple of weeks have been a reflection of the ever-turbulent relationship between media and political establishments. We can highlight the TikTok vs US Congress fiasco as a prime example of this, what with the proclaimed panic of congressmen vis a vis ‘China stealing all our data’.  Regardless of personal convictions, we can say […]
  • Eurocentrist Narrative in Western Media: Changing It Is a Must
    For the past few decades, Western countries have succeeded in portraying themselves as the better, more civilized, and morally superior part of the world. The United States has always been the land of the free, and the EU has been the land of democracy and human rights. What’s more, the US was determined to bring […]
  • The Cold of the War and Womanhood – a Dive into the Past and Emergence in the Present
    Why is it that when a car crash happens or when we see a video of a guy on the verge of falling and most likely injuring at least half of his body we can’t look away? Unfortunately, I cannot answer this particular question, however, I will try to show you how it links to […]
  • On Spring – April 2023
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team Sun, sun, sun, here it comes! No more cold weather, bare trees, and gloomy gardens. Say goodbye to winter coats and hello to sunglasses and short sleeves, ‘cause springtime is finally here! It might be because of the long-awaited warm weather and sun rays, […]
  • Is Paid Menstrual Leave No Longer Just a Dream? 
    It is no secret that gender inequality continues to be present nowadays, especially in an environment such as the workplace. This manifests all the way from differences in salary to unguaranteed paid maternity leave. Accustomed to this situation, paid menstrual leave was an unexpected surprise for women to readily enjoy in 2023. The uterus prepares […]
  • Peace, Love, and Music: The Enduring Impact of Woodstock on Society and Culture
    It was the summer of 1969 when a tiny town nestled in the heart of upstate New York became the pulsating hub of a cultural revolution that would change the world forever. Woodstock, the legendary music festival with the unprecedented attraction of being not only a celebration of music but also a declaration of the […]
  • The Dark Side of Ozempic: Hollywood’s Latest Weight-loss Craze
    What if one day the few people who have the most influence worldwide decided to experience a dramatic weight loss overnight? How could they achieve such a strong and fast result? That’s exactly what’s happening right now, but the means used are not only unconventional and not at all secret but also damaging in many […]
  • How Memes Go Viral
    I tend to get extremely obsessed about some topic for a while and then lose all interest in it before jumping to the next one.  One obsession phase I had during high school was designing the ‘perfect economic system’. I now believe there is no such thing, and any pursuit of an ideal utopia will […]
  • The Overlooked Art of Album Creation
    Many times, we play music as background noise. No song seems to be able to hold our attention for more than the first 10 seconds. We keep creating more and more playlists– we listen to them on shuffle, wishing our favorite song comes on next. Rarely, we might play an album from the start, make […]
    WHAT HAPPENED? On 28th February, a passenger service carrying 350 people collided with a freight train in the municipality of Tempi – resulting in the front carriages immediately bursting into flames. At Least 57 people died and many were injured severely. The passenger train was around two-thirds full with numerous young people on board – […]
  • The Phenomenon of Age
    I started writing this article because we are all constantly dreading growing old. I hear it from friends my age, trying hard to live everyday like the last but not often living up to the over repeated proverb. I hear it from my parents who are reeling from their new gray hairs. I wanted to find a reason to accept its inevitability and live better for it. I still don’t have it, I don’t know if anybody does but I enjoyed writing this article and I hope you enjoy reading it.
  • On Forgiveness – February 2023
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team “Forgiveness is a winding road” What does forgiveness mean to you? Is there even an absolute meaning associated with it? Forgiveness can have different connotations for everyone. Regardless, it’s safe to say we’ve all been through the winding road that is trying to let […]
  • Outcry Awareness: Vandalism for the Sake of Environmentalism?
    ‘A visitor to the Louvre tried to smash the glass protecting the world’s most famous painting before smearing cream across its surface’- the news outlet Reuters reported in May 2022. Seeing these outlandish headlines some months ago definitely brought global attention to the fight against climate change once again. The attempted destruction of world-renowned works […]
  • Hollywood Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Bojack Horseman as a Look Into Our Own Reality
    The number of video analyses of Bojack Horseman characters would suggest that each person who watched the show suddenly became a psychologist, sociologist, film editor, or cinema critic. But, to be fair, the writers are to blame – developing a series with so much depth, humor, nuance, darkness, and reflection through the non-cringy use of […]
  • University Decision and Identity Crisis
    What do you want to be when you grow up? We’ve all been asked this question by parents, teachers, and friends. In kindergarten, one could give the most extravagant answers such as “A prince”. In elementary school, one starts to be slightly more realistic and would say something like, “I want to be an astronaut”. […]
  • Designing the City of Design
    Milan, Italy’s wealthiest and second largest city, has earned its title as a global city in the international economic network, acting as the capital of fashion and design with an abundance of historical and cultural landmarks. Like any other alpha city, dynamism and development are necessary to maintain its prestige.  The City of Milan is […]
  • Pop Art: A Celebration or a Critique of Consumerism?
    Artists’ attitudes towards consumerism and the culture of mass media The concept of consumerism arose from the economic, political, technological, and cultural context of late 19th and early 20th century capitalism. Since the industrial revolution, society began consuming at a much higher rate than before. The development of technology and cheap fossil energy brought and […]
  • On Curiosity – November 2022
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team It is easy at our age to feel as if we’re losing that spark of curiosity we often experienced as kids, that longing for knowledge for the sake of learning. Entering adulthood also means saying goodbye to the naive way of searching for answers […]
  • Queerbaiting: Examples of Kit Connor and Harry Styles
    On October 31, Heartstopper star Kit Connor came out as bisexual on Twitter after continuously being accused of queerbaiting since the airing of the show. “Back for a minute. I’m bi,” Connor tweeted. “Congrats for forcing an 18-year-old to out himself. I think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye.” His announcement […]
  • Buddhism and the Patriarchy 
    I am fortunate to have discovered Lama Rod Owens through the podcast “Duncan Trussell Family Hour”, where Trussell attempts to conceptualize the human experience.  In one episode Trussell speaks with Lama Rod Owens, a Buddhist minister, author, activist, yoga instructor, and authorized Lama. In one word, a teacher. He and Trussell spend their time beginning […]
  • JAZZMI: 11 Unmissable Days 
    Before you begin reading this article, I recommend scanning the QR code below and pressing play.  HISTORY OF JAZZ Jazz music originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans in the late 19th/early 20th centuries, serving as a symbol of integration between cultures. What started out as dance music later turned into a more peaceful […]
  • Cancel Culture: A Tool for Social Justice or Modern-day Mob Intimidation?
    We are all familiar from one extent to another with the term cancel culture. The wider understanding of the verb ‘to cancel’ (someone) expresses the turning point in which the public opinion of an individual shifts from indifferent -or, more commonly, favorable- to actively negative because of actions they have taken in the past. This […]
  • On Beginnings – September 2022
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team An ode to beginnings, as so many come and go, we forget to appreciate those seedlings of opportunity we reap at harvest. Though the seasons pass, the ripeness of opportunity never decays. For everyday blossoms a vast array of possibilities, where our daily tasks […]
  • The Real Housewives: the Appeal of Absurdity
    People often ask me what I do in my free time, and the horribly sad truth is that I spend most of it watching grown women argue on TV. I proudly admit that I love reality television, and the Real Housewives franchise is by FAR my favorite. It might just be one of the most […]
    As May arrives, like every year, so does Eurovision. The music contest, now on its 66th edition, will be held in Turin between the 10th and the 14th after last year’s edition in Rotterdam was won by the Italian act Måneskin. First aired on May 24th, 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest – originally The Eurovision […]
  • On Despair
     ‘No. I didn’t cry … I just kept thinking that when human beings get that way, they’re no good for anything.’ Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human pg. 176 Human suffering romanticised; a genre of drama which entertains the misery of the unfortunate, that of the tragedy. Consistent in the human condition is the notion of […]
  • The Resurrection of the Modern Day Hero
    In his book The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James writes that “mankind’s common instinct for reality … has always held the world to be essentially a theater for heroism.”  The quote undoubtedly captures a vital aspect of human existence: From ancient children’s tales to contemporary religious beliefs to modern Marvel movies, we have always […]
  • On Metamorphosis – April 2022
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team Embrace the dull pulse of growing pains.  A transformation so deep it can be considered a metamorphosis that requires the hostage of our whole self. A process so human it fills mythology. Like Sisyphus pushing the boulder, we are bound to a cycle of […]
  • A Clockwork Orange: 60 Years Later
    “Advice: don’t read/ A Clockwork Orange – it’s a foul farrago/ Of made-up words that bite and bash and bleed./ I’ve written better books… So have other men, indeed./ Read Hamlet, Shelley, Keats, Doctor Zhivago.” – Anthony Burgess Regardless of Burgess’ attitude towards his most controversial book, A Clockwork Orange (1961), he inadvertently forced people […]
  • Bringing Humanity Back to Technology
    TRISTAN HARRIS AND THE CENTER FOR HUMANE TECHNOLOGY  Tristan Harris was a former design ethicist for Google and is the co-founder and president of the Center for Humane Technology. He has also been called “the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience”. Upon reflection on his previous position, he speaks about how he noticed […]
  • Modern Feminism; A Question of Who?
    In today’s society feminism is a phrase that is applied liberally without any deliberation. Many women feel detached from the phrase and some would admit their disillusionment with the movement. In this article, an extracted spoken dialogue between the writers is presented, where the exploration of the definition of feminism is undertaken. Through this, a […]
  • The Repackaging of Sexism: Gender and spirituality on social media
    The rise of “new age” spirituality The occult exists between science and art: covering a range from alchemy to astrology. Whether it is a daily horoscope or blaming everything on mercury’s retrograde; astrology is what is most associated with new age spirituality. With the current state of our world, many have turned to these new, […]
  • On Serendipity – March 2022
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team There’s that peculiar feeling when everything somehow works out your way. It’s those moments that appear unexpectedly, like a respite of warm sunlight on a day of thunderstorms, that bring color to life. It’s the feeling when you meet your soulmate at a coffee […]
  • The Overlooked Artistic Legacy of a Forgotten Building
    If you live in Milan, especially in the Bocconi area, you know this building. Locally known as a “buco nero” or “fortino delle droghe”, countless rumors circulate of rampant drug use and illegal activity. There was once a literal Al-Qaeda hideout in one of its studio apartments. The derelict façade and seemingly cheerless courtyard do […]
  • The Contradiction of Aesthetic Diversity
    Luxury fashion brands time and time again spark controversies in China because of their insensitivity in representing Chinese images. In November of 2021, a photograph displayed at the exhibition Lady Dior As Seen By was once again heavily criticized by netizens. The work, entitled Reserved Pride, features a freckled Asian woman wearing a Qing Dynasty-esque […]
  • The Aesthetics of Order in Chaos
    My middle-school mathematics classes were held in the basement, room 01. There was nothing pretty there, not the stained walls nor the humid smell. Most of the students had woken up less than an hour before, paying little attention to our teacher, laser focused on the clock’s minute hand. Customarily, a student asked, ‘what is […]
  • Milan’s Music Scene 2022
    WARNING: These events may be subject to cancellation/postponement, given the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, government regulations, and daily record-breaking cases. We all know the drill. However, we can still dream, right?  Today’s top global artists will be performing in 2022 in Milan’s biggest and most important venues as part of their upcoming tours. These are artists […]
  • Kandinsky: The master of color, form, and sound
    Have you ever asked yourself what primary color corresponds to each elementary geometric shape (i.e. triangle, circle, square)? Have you ever wondered what might be the sound of color? What do you feel when you notice a symphony of colors on a canvas?  These are just a few examples of the many activities of the […]
  • Humanity’s Natural Religiousness
    Humanity’s natural religiousness: a western approach Believing in anything, whether it be a god, a spirit, or a weekly horoscope, is sure to be alien to someone who does not share the same views. Dismissing another’s faith is easy, what is rare is to hold absolutely no personal opinion about spirituality and what lies beyond […]
    A monthly review curated by the Mass Media and Culture team We all have those days where we feel like we’re standing alone in a vast desert with no one but our own thoughts. As if we’re the only person on earth who feels this way. But then we hear someone else talk about the […]
  • Welcoming the New Year Through the Lens of Traditions
    The New Year has been celebrated around the world for at least 4 millennia but not at the same time or way for everyone. It is celebrated on the last day of the Gregorian calendar in only some cultures.  The earliest recorded festivities date back some 4000 years ago to ancient Babylon. The first new […]
  • The Social Dilemma
    What is The Social Dilemma?  First streamed in 2020, the documentary continues the looming conversation of humans’ addiction to technology as sort of an exposé. Over the hour and a half span of the documentary, we hear from various tech experts, and former employees of these companies, and see what they have to say about […]
  • The Milanese Dilemma: Homelessness and Poverty
    The towering skyscrapers of Garibaldi and Citylife attempt to cast a shadow over an emerging crisis gripping Milan. The ever-present sight of those sleeping on the streets exposes the harsh realities of wealth disparity and xenophobia haunting both the city and Italy at large. A sight almost as common as Aperol Spritz and all-you-can-eat sushi: in […]
  • Drab Normality vs the Unknown
    The Great (Un)Known Encounters with the Unknown are awfully unsettling and wonderfully exciting. The discomfort of not knowing serves as inspiration for curious minds ready to abandon the safety of ‘common knowledge’ and navigate uncharted territory in search of… Who knows? Peace of mind, gold, adrenaline, magic? Creativity is an essential fuel of the intellectual […]
  • The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 Explained Through Cinema
    “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” This is how The Big Short, one of the most successful and profitable movies about the world financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 according to the Financial Times, presents its opening scene. This thought-provoking […]
  • How does Squid-Game Succeed in Cross-Cultural Communication?
    It’s hard to stay indifferent about Squid Game. After the twentieth time that I watched someone carve out a shape from a candy-like brittle piece on TikTok, I finally logged on Netflix and binge-watched the whole season. 456 players – gamblers, gangsters, people in debt, immigrants, terminally ill men – compete in a series of […]
  • Music in the Era of Climate Change
    Music, being a universal language, has been at the center of self-expression since the beginning of time. Artists often draw inspiration from the contemporary world, and with the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, what is a more relevant and pressing issue than global warming?   Being a universal struggle that we can all […]
  • Monday Playlist #11 – The World Is On Fire
    The impressions of floods, forest fires, storm damage, and heatwaves in all corners of the world are too intense for us to not be aware that the consequences of climate change are hitting with full force. Quoting the words of Greta Thunberg, “Without that sense of urgency, how can we, the people, understand that we […]
  • Is Bocconi Inclusive?
    We’ve interviewed a transgender student to find out.  Introduce yourself:  My name is Samuele Appignanesi, I’m from Marche. I am 20 years old and I’m in my second year of CLMG.  How would you define gender identity?   So, gender identity is often overlooked, because in western culture it’s considered to be linked to the biological […]
  • Time’s running out; Social media paralysis
    Aimlessly scrolling through TikTok for 2 hours passes by without us even realizing. On the contrary, watching a 2-hour movie on a weeknight seems like such a huge commitment. We could have done so many other things in those 2 hours rather than sit down on our couch and watch it.  Why is that? It […]
  • The Impact of “the end of the world” on Fashion
    We all knew the early 2000s would have a revival when it came to fashion. Thanks to the twenty-year trend cycle we were able to evaluate the best and the worst from the decade. It emerged first in 2020 and has remained in the spotlight since, something unusual with the current rate of trends. With […]
  • In Defense of Political Correctness
    graphic by @francifausti A MEDIA TRIAL Some of you may remember that a few months ago a popular Italian comedian, Michela Giraud, tweeted about Demi Lovato coming out as non-binary by saying: “She now wants to be referred to as ‘them’, like Wizard Otelma (a popular Italian television character)” – a quite unnecessary statement that, […]
  • Redefining Womanhood and VR Cinema
    Museums of the Future is a column dedicated to discussions with creatives who retell stories of the past through new media. Our first guest featured on the column is filmmaker and producer Carol Liu. Founder of U-MA studios, she aims to bring to her audience the stories of marginalized women throughout history, with an ‘out […]
  • Sustainability at Milano Design week 2021.
    As our planet becomes more endangered every day, the greatest minds of the world are designing and implementing new solutions for all our necessities.Our homes are changing and becoming more sustainable too, meaning that in the future they will have way less of a negative impact on the environment. In this respect, Milan’s Design Week […]
  • Boys will be what they’re taught.
    “The truth of it is, the shame was not mine, and for all victims in similar situations, it is not ours. The shame is reserved for every creep who has ever touched us inappropriately. The shame is on the abuser, not the victim, not the survivor.”Rose McGowan – Brave. According to the National sexual violence […]
  • Antipropaganda. The groundbreaking rebellion of New York photographers
    “History is made and preserved by and for particular classes of people. A camera in some hands can preserve an alternate history.” David Wojnarowicz A sort of mythical aura often seems to surround the idea we have of New York until the 90s, before it turned into the glassy and hypermodern city it is today. […]
  • Is there racism in the media?
    Is there racism in the media? Are events reported differently based on a person’s race? If that is true what would be the effects on society? This article attempts to answer these questions and more.
  • Productivity – A Modern Social Narrative
    What is productivity? First, ask yourself this question. What comes to your mind?  Are you picturing titles such as “Best productivity apps of 2020”, “10 tips to achieve more in your life”, “How to bring about your ideas in 5 easy steps”? I believe you can keep on enriching this list.  Then, try and look […]
  • Why watch people react to videos?
    If you have been frequently watching videos from platforms such as YouTube or TikTok, you might have seen videos with titles “REACTING TO…” or “Funny reactions of…”.  This category of videos are called reaction videos, namely a video displaying the reaction of people (or even animals) toward another video clip. The reactors provide their comments […]
  • AR-based Instagram filters setting new beauty standards
    Technologies are becoming an active part of our life, more than we can imagine. Late Millennials and Generation Z have always lived surrounded by technology, always at the center of continuous advancements. This process has gone further than we can actually objectively perceive and what was before considered as sophisticated software is now part of […]
  • Monday Playlist #10 – The hill we climb
    We are living a difficult moment in history, characterised by economic uncertainty, social tensions, an ever-larger political division and an appalling climate crisis. Since past generations seem to have failed the tests of their time, our generation is now more-than-ever under scrutiny and expected to find new, better solutions to the challenges ahead of us. […]
  • Is Code Poetry?
    The Extraordinary Union of A.I. and Arts  Is A.I. taking over artists’ jobs? The 21st century has hosted a lot of advancements in nearly every field one can imagine. Whether it be technology, arts, science, or other areas… However, one must admit that the one field that has become embedded in our lives more than […]
  • Fashion shows along uncharted path
    The global pandemic has asked us to reinvent ourselves in many different ways during this year, and the fashion industry too was involved in this massive process of transformation. Not surprisingly, not all brands managed to transform their approach toward their values and the fashion shows, but it is definitely interesting to notice how some of them have responded actively to the new needs imposed by the society. We can choose whether to appreciate or not those innovation, but surely, we cannot ignore how revolutionary these changes have been.
  • The Monday Playlist #9 – on sustainability
    What is sustainability? From greenwashing to ESG and class conflict, here is our recommended list, featuring @bocconisustainablefinance + @greenlight4business
  • The curse of the 30th year
    There seems, today, to be a curse on your 30th birthday. Companies are more reluctant to hire you, changing career is out of the questions, following your dreams becomes itself a dream. Once you get to 30 years of age, your life becomes, basically, fixed and unchangeable.
  • The Monday Playlist #8 – the future is uncertain and it’s okay
    You might find yourself at a crossroad, having to decide what to do in the future. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing right now and it’s okay to take your time to find out.
  • Are you really depressed?
    Our generation’s specialty is making social media platforms rabbit holes of social comparison. They’ve become platforms displaying what we can now consider the perfect forms of our time. But these perfect forms aren’t limited to the epitomes of lifestyles and accomplishments. The obstacle today concerns mental health, exacerbated by laziness and ignorance. It brings together […]
  • DOUYIN: The new Chinese propaganda machine
    Douyin -or TikTok, as it is known in the West- is a Chinese social network that was launched initially in 2016 as, and it is owned, as of 2017, by the Chinese media company ByteDance. As most of us probably already know, this app allows users to post short videos with music clips or […]
  • The Monday Playlist #7 – on religion
    The MMC team is glad to wish you a happy Easter break with a new video playlist on the theme of religion – whatever yours is, here you’ll find something for you to watch. From Buddhist lifestyle advice to Drake’s Bar Mitzvah, everything you might have missed out or need to catch up on!
  • There is no such thing as art, only artists (and people that watch)
    When visiting a museum, there are two types of people you can observe. Those who know their way around the exhibitions and are engrossed in conversation about a piece and others who meander around trying to look engaged but their blank faces give them away. However, both types of visitors are battling the same two forces – the relentless human need to derive meaning from our experiences and our aesthetic sensibility that urges us to be still and be with the art around us.
  • Not your Subservient Stereotype
    Depending on which platform you access this article, you may have encountered some reposted graphics on how to address rising anti – Asian hate. While these posts are all well-meaning, the broader question we should all be asking ourselves is why are these attacks happening in the first place?
  • The Monday Playlist #6 – we live in a society
    Because we live in a society, so let’s talk about it.
  • The Sound of Freedom
    How musicians have added their voices to the growing Black Lives Matter movement Right after the murder of George Floyd last spring, thousands of Americans started to protest against police brutality over black people. Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe” became the anthem of these protests, but the list of police brutality victims in the […]
  • What the hell is an NFT and why is it on the news all the time?
    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the craze right now, they are a technological innovation that aims to bring collectables (not only) to the digital marketplace.
  • Did Body Positivity go too far?
    No matter where we look, magazines, fashion shows or Social Media, the beauty image conveyed is always the same: thin, sporty, low fat (except for women’s breasts and backside), full hair and a tanned even skin. As already discussed in this article, this can have a severe effect on our body perception. However, during the […]
  • The Monday Playlist #5 – time for a break
    With exams on the way, pls remember that self-care and sleep are important. From burnout, to always being tired, this is not a checklist for your current mental health bar.
  • TikTok UX
    Love it or hate it, TikTok has been a major influence on all of us, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns. TikTok’s app design is structured with precise biting cuts to unlock any mechanism for restraint and discipline in the mind. This is what makes the app so addictive to use. Let us explore how and why it’s so addictive.
  • What is Phygital?
    “Museums of the future” is a column that wants to bring together all those ideas, technologies, and strategies that may be necessary for the cultural field of the future to create the best physical and digital platforms able to attract, engage and inform the public about culture.
  • The Monday Playlist #4 – on women & feminism
    From dismantling the concept of beauty to using your voice as a conscious political choice, here is our recommended list, featuring @best_bocconi + @wibbocconi
  • Financial MarkeTWEETs and BOTS
    Communication has changed. That has been said many times. Let’s think about financial markets, these models are founded on information, the faster they can get information the more efficient they could be. Prices and rates are constantly changing because of the flow of new information, which may influence future forecasts about businesses, investments, or countries. Throughout history, many great people, such as Presidents, or CEOs had influenced markets with their statements, reported through traditional media. As gatekeepers, the purpose of media is to drive information to enhance the comprehension of these declarations.