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Is there racism in the media?

Is there racism in the media? Are events reported differently based on a person’s race? If that is true what would be the effects on society? This article attempts to answer these questions and more.

By Maria Giulia Amentano
May 7, 2021
3min Read

Productivity – A Modern Social Narrative

What is productivity? First, ask yourself this question. What comes to your mind?  Are you picturing titles such as “Best productivity apps of 2020”, “10 tips to achieve more in your life”, “How to bring about your ideas in 5 easy steps”? I believe you can keep on enriching this list.  Then, try and look

By Luca Domino
May 4, 2021
8min Read

Why watch people react to videos?

If you have been frequently watching videos from platforms such as YouTube or TikTok, you might have seen videos with titles “REACTING TO…” or “Funny reactions of…”.  This category of videos are called reaction videos, namely a video displaying the reaction of people (or even animals) toward another video clip. The reactors provide their comments

By Qiaojia Feng
April 30, 2021
6min Read
Media Technology

AR-based Instagram filters setting new beauty standards

Technologies are becoming an active part of our life, more than we can imagine. Late Millennials and Generation Z have always lived surrounded by technology, always at the center of continuous advancements. This process has gone further than we can actually objectively perceive and what was before considered as sophisticated software is now part of

By Francesco Lella
April 27, 2021
6min Read
Media Pro-paganda

DOUYIN: The new Chinese propaganda machine

Douyin -or TikTok, as it is known in the West- is a Chinese social network that was launched initially in 2016 as, and it is owned, as of 2017, by the Chinese media company ByteDance. As most of us probably already know, this app allows users to post short videos with music clips or

By Otta Mascheroni
April 6, 2021
10min Read
Culture Media

Not your Subservient Stereotype

Depending on which platform you access this article, you may have encountered some reposted graphics on how to address rising anti – Asian hate. While these posts are all well-meaning, the broader question we should all be asking ourselves is why are these attacks happening in the first place?

By Isha Induchudan
March 30, 2021
9min Read
Culture Media

The Sound of Freedom

How musicians have added their voices to the growing Black Lives Matter movement Right after the murder of George Floyd last spring, thousands of Americans started to protest against police brutality over black people. Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe” became the anthem of these protests, but the list of police brutality victims in the

By Giulia Di Biase
March 27, 2021
7min Read

Did Body Positivity go too far?

No matter where we look, magazines, fashion shows or Social Media, the beauty image conveyed is always the same: thin, sporty, low fat (except for women’s breasts and backside), full hair and a tanned even skin. As already discussed in this article, this can have a severe effect on our body perception. However, during the

By Nathalie Hosch
March 17, 2021
5min Read

Social Media and Body Perception

Nowadays, Social Media is one of the main entertainment and communication platforms, especially for under-30-year-olds who use it daily, either for checking the news, catching up with friends, or seeking inspiration or even distraction. However, several research studies and surveys have shown that there is a strong correlation between time spent on Social Media and a negative body perception of the user, i.e. the former often negatively impacts the latter.

By Nathalie Hosch
February 19, 2021
5min Read