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JAZZMI: 11 Unmissable Days 

Before you begin reading this article, I recommend scanning the QR code below and pressing play.  HISTORY OF JAZZ Jazz music originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans in the late 19th/early 20th centuries, serving as a symbol of integration between cultures. What started out as dance music later turned into a more peaceful

By Sana Lotia
October 11, 2022
3min Read

The Overlooked Artistic Legacy of a Forgotten Building

If you live in Milan, especially in the Bocconi area, you know this building. Locally known as a “buco nero” or “fortino delle droghe”, countless rumors circulate of rampant drug use and illegal activity. There was once a literal Al-Qaeda hideout in one of its studio apartments. The derelict façade and seemingly cheerless courtyard do

By Tommaso Calderan
March 15, 2022
5min Read

The Contradiction of Aesthetic Diversity

Luxury fashion brands time and time again spark controversies in China because of their insensitivity in representing Chinese images. In November of 2021, a photograph displayed at the exhibition Lady Dior As Seen By was once again heavily criticized by netizens. The work, entitled Reserved Pride, features a freckled Asian woman wearing a Qing Dynasty-esque

By Yayun Lai
March 10, 2022
9min Read

The Aesthetics of Order in Chaos

My middle-school mathematics classes were held in the basement, room 01. There was nothing pretty there, not the stained walls nor the humid smell. Most of the students had woken up less than an hour before, paying little attention to our teacher, laser focused on the clock’s minute hand. Customarily, a student asked, ‘what is

By Stefanos S. Pappas
March 4, 2022
8min Read
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Milan’s Music Scene 2022

WARNING: These events may be subject to cancellation/postponement, given the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, government regulations, and daily record-breaking cases. We all know the drill. However, we can still dream, right?  Today’s top global artists will be performing in 2022 in Milan’s biggest and most important venues as part of their upcoming tours. These are artists

By Eva Michael
February 27, 2022
3min Read

Kandinsky: The master of color, form, and sound

Have you ever asked yourself what primary color corresponds to each elementary geometric shape (i.e. triangle, circle, square)? Have you ever wondered what might be the sound of color? What do you feel when you notice a symphony of colors on a canvas?  These are just a few examples of the many activities of the

By Elena Getici
February 24, 2022
6min Read
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Music in the Era of Climate Change

Music, being a universal language, has been at the center of self-expression since the beginning of time. Artists often draw inspiration from the contemporary world, and with the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, what is a more relevant and pressing issue than global warming?   Being a universal struggle that we can all

By Sana Lotia
November 23, 2021
6min Read

The Impact of “the end of the world” on Fashion

We all knew the early 2000s would have a revival when it came to fashion. Thanks to the twenty-year trend cycle we were able to evaluate the best and the worst from the decade. It emerged first in 2020 and has remained in the spotlight since, something unusual with the current rate of trends. With

By Mercedes Lovato
November 17, 2021
7min Read
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Sustainability at Milano Design week 2021.

As our planet becomes more endangered every day, the greatest minds of the world are designing and implementing new solutions for all our necessities.Our homes are changing and becoming more sustainable too, meaning that in the future they will have way less of a negative impact on the environment. In this respect, Milan’s Design Week

By Maria Giulia Amentano
September 29, 2021
3min Read
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Is Code Poetry?

The Extraordinary Union of A.I. and Arts  Is A.I. taking over artists’ jobs? The 21st century has hosted a lot of advancements in nearly every field one can imagine. Whether it be technology, arts, science, or other areas… However, one must admit that the one field that has become embedded in our lives more than

By Naz Akgun
April 23, 2021
7min Read