Monday Playlist #10 – The hill we climb

We are living a difficult moment in history, characterised by economic uncertainty, social tensions, an ever-larger political division and an appalling climate crisis. Since past generations seem to have failed the tests of their time, our generation is now more-than-ever under scrutiny and expected to find new, better solutions to the challenges ahead of us. As poet Amanda Gorman put it in her famous poem, what is then the “hill” that Gen Z expected to climb right now? What are the most urgent collective challenges that we’ll have to deal with in the next few years? The Monday Playlist #10 is all about answering these questions.

#1 – The hill we climb

Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States will be remembered for many reasons, and one is certainly the incredibly powerful poem recited by 22-year-old Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet ever performing at such an occasion. “The hill we climb” is a poem about hope, solidarity but above all responsibility, that which we have with regard to whom preceded us in the past and will come after us in the future and to one another now in the present.

#2 – After the pandemic

Economists and researchers are now sure that our generation is the one that was the most profoundly hit by the negative aspects of the Covid pandemic. Why was it so? And how can we be prepared and react to the problems it will leave behind? This video will provide you with some precious insights on the matter.

#3 – The fight for social justice

In the last few months we’ve seen young people all around the world marching and protesting to affirm the democratic principles they believe in and to make sure their voice was heard. From police brutality to deforestation, a number of young activists explain what they’re fighting for today.

#4 – Gen Z’s political imperatives

How can we shape the future we want to build? It has become more and more clear in recent times that one of the most effective answers to this question is: by voting. But what is Gen Z actually asking politicians nowadays? A young american candidate explains this, along with how he’s trying to get more and more young people to vote. 

#5 – Generational change and the climate crisis

It is now clear that we’re living through an appalling and unprecedented climate crisis which our generation has fewer and fewer years to stop. Even though older generations seem to have failed us, Gen Z is not actually the first to seek for a better future for our planet. So what can we learn from the climate activists that came before us in order to make our actions more effective in the present and in the future? 

#6 – What it means to be the most diverse generation ever

Gen Z has proved to be the most diverse and fluid generation ever – meaning the freest to fearlessly express their gender and sexual identity. The road to affirm equality and end discrimination though is still far ahead of us – but an important step towards it it to distmantle still-existing prejudices and spread awareness. In this Ted Talk, a young girl explains how our generation is achieving this with the help of technology.

#7 – TV shows and the challenges of our time

If you liked the theme of this playlist, then you cannot miss the second season of Netflix tv series “The politician”, which shows in a comic way how politics should engage with the requests of young people today – from equality to social justice to respect for the environment and more. Will young Payton Hobart conquer the trust of his voting peers and be elected in New York state senate?

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