The Monday Playlist #2

From closet tours to exposing series, the MMC Team collected the most interesting videos you might have recently missed out on or keep to catch up with.

Here is our recommended list:

#1 Cannot cry for laughing, again
Some bitter laughs again. In an alternate reality, Britney Spears interviews the hottest public figures. Hot because of public outrage, of course.

#2 Obnoxious Closets of the Super Rich
The reason I like this video is because the content creator, Tiffany Ferg makes some really interesting comments about having taste vs collecting brands/bragging. Closet tour videos are weirdly popular and I’ve never really seen someone ask why are people drawn to the appeal of these videos and what does this tell us both about society and the people who own these massive closets.

#3 Ruining your favorite series yet again
Some things you don’t notice, until you are told about them and cannot unseen them. Netflix’s latest hottest series, might not be as diverse and different as they or you might think.

#4 Terrace House & Hana Kimura
While it’s no fact that most reality shows couldn’t be further from the reality of the average viewer, Terrace House offered a distinctly down to earth alternative. The reality show focuses on the life of 6 strangers living under the same room navigating adulthood together. As reminiscent of shows like “Friends” or “HIMYM” this may sound like, the last season took a turn for the worse that exposed the gruesome behind the scenes works of any reality show.

#5 Picasso’s (incredible) daily routine
Picasso’s morning routine is very different from regular productivity content: it’s basically how to be productive as a night owl. Very interesting take on productivity and lifestyle.

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