The Monday Playlist #3 – politics

From Navalny to Italy to the US, here is our recommended list + feat @ped.bocconi @aleph_as @accademiapoliticabocconi on politics:

#1 Why Putin wants Navalny dead
Alexei Navalny’s story stresses the importance of speaking out against political misconduct. For years, Putin has been seen as the most powerful man in the world (check out lists on Forbes) and Russia’s reputation as a corrupt State has been largely accepted and left unchecked. For a decade now, Navalny has persistently worked to bring to the Russian public the corruption they have been blind to. Now, while Navalny’s life and freedom are at stake, his efforts have striked a nation wide momentum against Putin’s once infrangible regime.

#2 Sofia Coppola: the politics of pretty
Discussion of feminism from the critique that Coppola’s stories get, which is that she only focuses on the stories of privileged young white women. Why would that be a problem? Why is anything and everything a problem?

#3 Politics & Economic Development @ Bocconi – CNN Chris Cillizza: The Point
Twice a week CNN political commentator Chris Cilizza publishes a new episode of “The Point”. In his brief videos he breaks down current political events, constitutional and partisan affairs and jokingly explains American politics foolproof. His Dad-Joke intros are just as entertaining as his sidenotes, and the brief nature of the episodes makes it perfect entertainment during lunchbreaks. 

#4 Aleph Analisi Strategiche – Why the UK is in the EU
“A bedrock programme in the UK comedy structure, Yes Minister embodied the early 1980s attitude to authority and politics as a gently hypocritical world filled with doubletalk. Famously accurate in the spirit of the relationship between civil servant and politician, it was Mrs Thatcher’s favourite show. […] Yes Minister was proof that comedy could take on serious subjects and make real points with them.” 

#5 Aleph Analisi Strategiche – John Oliver & Italian Election
British-American comedian John Oliver hosts a weekly satire show on HBO. In this episode, he focuses on Italian political parties and leaders some weeks before the 2018 general election. It offers a funny way to approach and understand Italian politics.

#6 Accademia Politica – Calamandrei’s discorso sulla Costituzione + TedxYouth Are young people interested in politics?
Why is it so important to be interested in politics? In our opinion the speech of Piero Calamandrei explains well the work and sacrifice that have brought us to the current rule of law. This makes us understand two important things. Firstly, we cannot underestimated and take for granted what we have achieved. Secondly, there is no point in feeling indifferent to what most affects our life and all our rights and duties, especially now, in the recovery after the pandemic.

The Ted Talk by David Pavlu confirms this and suggests an interesting initiative to increase youth interest and knowledge in politics.

A special thanks to the student associations that collabed with our team to share the most meaningful and interesting videos about politics! Go follow @ped.bocconi @aleph_as @accademiapoliticabocconi on their social media pages to keep tuned on their projects and activities.

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