The Monday Playlist #4 – on women & feminism

From dismantling the concept of beauty to using your voice as a conscious political choice, here is our recommended list, featuring @best_bocconi + @wibbocconi:

#1 On women + beauty
Beauty has been traditionally constructed as one of the most important things that a woman should care about. Contrapoints’ video does an excellent job at deconstructing the concept.

#2 Bocconi Equal Students -We should all be feminists | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TEDxEuston
TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian feminist and activist, where she talks about the importance of why everyone should be a feminist.

#3 Bocconi Equal Students – “Relatable” Netflix 2018
Stand-up comedy by one of the most famous female comedians, belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. She talks about various issues, including women and LGBT topics, while trying to fight the stereotypes with irony.

#4 Bocconi Equal Students – International Women’s Day & the transgender community
Short report from a Canadian news agency, emphasizing the urgence to include all categories in the celebration of the International Women’s Day. Everyone who feels as a woman should be treated as such.

#4 Women in Business Bocconi – Using your voice is a political choice, Amanda Gorman
National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman has some characteristically well-chosen words. Poetry is for everyone and at its core, it’s all about connection and collaboration. In this fierce talk and performance, she explains why poetry is inherently political, pays homage to her honorary ancestors and stresses the value of speaking out.

#6 Women in Business Bocconi – the Bombshell Trope, Explained
Not strictly business oriented but The Take makes super interesting videos on movie tropes both on men and women. The ones on women focus a lot on society and feminist issues. It is very interesting to see

#7 Women in Business Bocconi – a self-identity crisis
Eve is a studytuber who pursued law as a university and career path. In this video, Eve talks about navigating through the reality of the pandemic and how being in touch with herself allowed her to be honest about her identity as an individual and lawyer trainee 

#8 Women in Business Bocconi – My abusive relationship by Sarah Burgett
In this two part series, Sarah Burgett talks about her struggles during the pandemic and how they ultimately led her to be in an abusive relationship she didn’t know how to get out from. She talks about her story of realization and how she was able to overcome this relationship, giving a voice to many women who are silenced by such relationships. 

A special thanks to the student associations that collabed with our team to share the most meaningful and interesting videos on women & feminism! Go follow @best_bocconi + @wibbocconi on their social media to keep tuned on their projects and activities.

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