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Museums of the Future

Redefining Womanhood and VR Cinema

Museums of the Future is a column dedicated to discussions with creatives who retell stories of the past through new media. Our first guest featured on the column is filmmaker and producer Carol Liu. Founder of U-MA studios, she aims to bring to her audience the stories of marginalized women throughout history, with an ‘out

By Isha Induchudan
October 6, 2021
9min Read

There is no such thing as art, only artists (and people that watch)

When visiting a museum, there are two types of people you can observe. Those who know their way around the exhibitions and are engrossed in conversation about a piece and others who meander around trying to look engaged but their blank faces give them away. However, both types of visitors are battling the same two forces – the relentless human need to derive meaning from our experiences and our aesthetic sensibility that urges us to be still and be with the art around us.

7min Read
Culture Media

Not your Subservient Stereotype

Depending on which platform you access this article, you may have encountered some reposted graphics on how to address rising anti – Asian hate. While these posts are all well-meaning, the broader question we should all be asking ourselves is why are these attacks happening in the first place?

By Isha Induchudan
March 30, 2021
9min Read

TikTok UX

Love it or hate it, TikTok has been a major influence on all of us, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns. TikTok’s app design is structured with precise biting cuts to unlock any mechanism for restraint and discipline in the mind. This is what makes the app so addictive to use. Let us explore how and why it’s so addictive.

By Isha Induchudan
March 12, 2021
6min Read

Instagram UX

Facebook’s golden child, Instagram, is easily the one the most popular social media platforms amongst GenZ. While more individuals aged 18-29 own a Facebook account in comparison to Instagram (86% vs 67%) the average time spent by a user on Instagram is almost double than the time they spend on Facebook. To understand what makes this picture and video sharing platform so popular, let’s study cognitive biases implemented in their design and app features.

By Isha Induchudan
February 9, 2021
5min Read