The Monday Playlist #5 – time for a break

With exams on the way, pls remember that self-care and sleep are important and cannot be replaced. From burnout, to always being tired, this is not a checklist for your current mental health bar.

#1 The closest feeling to death that isn’t death
Spoiler alert: it’s burnout. If you skip self-care to have more time to work/study, this video is for you.

#2 Why you’re always tired
This video is a reminder that catering to your essentials of limited coffee intake and good sleep are really important, especially during exams.

#3 Uni is kinda overwhelming
We are not valuable only when we’re being productive. But I guess we live in a capitalistic society.

#4 The truth about hustle culture
“It is not about being busy. It’s about being productive, getting output for your input.” Does working more and more time mean being more productive? Is hustling toxic for you? Here are some real life advices & how to make sure you apply them every single day!

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