The Monday Playlist #6 – we live in a society

Because we live in a society, so let’s talk about it.

#1 We live in a … capitalistic society
Because everything has monetary value and you gotta maximise it. #stonks

#2 We live in an … overworked society
Because you gotta always be efficient and productive. If you work hard enough, you might just make it (or die trying while making your capitalistic overlords richer).

#3 We live in a society … of the male gaze 👀
Recommending this video because the way bodies and people (yes, men too) filmed in cinema is through the “objectifying” lens of men. The emphasis that cinematography places on objectifying bodies and passing it off as a regular male habit in turn has grave implications on how we view ourselves and our bodies.

#4 We live in a … racist society
Raising awareness and speaking against racism is always important and necessary. The Black Lives Matter movement has done significant progress in the fight against racism towards black people. However, other racial groups are marginalized and discriminated upon as well. In the last year, hate crimes motivated by anti-asian sentiment in NYC alone rose by 1900%. These numbers are shocking and stress the need to talk about anti-asian hate… 

#5 We live in a society that can’t handle crises
Humans tend to take things for granted but our modern day habits are put into perspective when confronted with the big picture of the world water crisis. Current usage of water makes it highly likely that countries will experience water shortage in the near future and this video concisely summarizes and gives an overview of the problem.

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