The Monday Playlist #8 – the future is uncertain and it’s okay

You might find yourself at a crossroad, having to decide what to do in the future. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing right now and it’s okay to take your time to find out.

From letters to future selves to a little introspection, here is the latest playlist curated by the MMC Team.

#1 Why our generation isn’t meant to know what career we want 

It’s okay to not know what you want to do for the rest of your life, it’s okay to not know what you’re doing right now, it’s okay to experiment different careers. Even though (especially as Bocconi students) we’re expected to wish for big careers and fame, it’s okay to figure your path out as you go.

#2 I wrote a letter to my future self ten years ago and here’s what it saidDamon Dominique is an American Youtuber who currently lives in France. He’s really passionate about traveling, communications and spirituality. Even though his videos (like this one) are usually pretty entertaining it’s heart warming to see someone actually accomplish all the things they hoped to achieve as a teen❤️

#3 Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self – 1 Year LaterOne year later, this video perfectly describes the current mood we are experiencing

#4 Promising Young Woman
Promising Young Woman isn’t just a female revenge movie – it’s a mirror that forces us to confront dark, ugly realities about our society and ourselves. 

#5 How Racist Am I?
Recent events and an increasing amount of research show how much racial bias impacts our world. But what about our own biases? A little introspection and discussion never hurts.

#6 Are Anime and Manga Too Sexual?
Is it another case of blaming media for societal problems?

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